Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is my old clock worth?
A. There are many things that affect the value of a clock. Most important are the condition, rarity and demand. Most price guide values are based on an absolutely mint clock. Clocks missing trim, broken pieces, distressed finishes, or that are not running are worth less. Also, when you sell to a dealer, he will normally offer you 50% or less than the current retail value.
Q. My clock is striking the wrong hour. How do I correct this?
A. On modern clocks, you need to move the hour hand to the time the clock has just struck. The hour hand is a friction fit on its shaft, so it may be easily moved on most clocks. Then use the minute hand to set the clock to the current time. For antique and older clocks, there is a synchronization procedure.
Q. How often should my clock be serviced?
A. We recommend oiling most clocks every two years. Old clocks generally have porous brass which soaks up the oil. Also, oil properties will break down and dry up over time. Fresh oil on the pivot holes and escapement helps prevent wear and improves the pendulum swing. Using a qualified clock technician will insure the correct amount of oil in the correct place.
Q. I have had my clock to other shops and it still will not run?
A. Generally this is because someone did not have the expertise to do the job correctly, or they have attempted to take a short-cut on the repair. We take pride in our work and warrant our repairs for a year on key wind clocks.
Q. Does it only need cleaning?
A. Cleaning will not repair wear. Oil and dust mix together and will form an abrasive paste which causes wear. The longer a clock runs in this condition, the more serious the repairs. Because many American clocks have strong mainsprings, they would continue to run for many years after the lubrication has broken down, causing severe damage to the pivot holes. When the clock finally stops, it will take extra work to bring it back to proper condition.
Q. Who do you repair clocks for?
A. We have repaired clocks from across the United States and Europe. Most of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals from satisfied customers who have told their friends.